Welcome Lost One

A Garry's Mod and Discord community

Regular Updates

We fix, balance, add or tweak content depending on its usage, feedback and our expectations. This includes all our platforms that we actively use like our Discord server, Gmod servers, etc.

Friendly Staff

The staff team on WLO are always welcoming with open arms, they insure that your satisfaction is always on a high level, in the staff team we are always thinking about the members of WLO and what they want to see in the server.

Chill time & Fun games

In WLO we provide lot's of stuff. We run 3 Gmod servers: TTT2, Prop Hunt and Murder, which all very fun and interactive game modes to play together as a community, we also run quite a lot of events. Those range from a wide list from small events to much larger ones such as competitions and giveaways.

WLO Garry's Mod Servers

Gmod servers that you can play on.

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Trouble in Terrorist Town 2 - Revamped TTT with better performance, faster loading times, extra roles, better spectating, better everything.


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Murder - A Murderer is on the loose! Bystanders need to survive, someone has the secret gun and the rest have to find clues to unlock a gun.


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Prop Hunt: Enhanced - Props vs Hunters, Props hide or mimic objects and Hunters find them.


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Official WLO Discord Server

Our community Discord is full of the latest dank memes