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  1. Respect all members, regardless of origin, sexual orientation, age, religion and all other possible diferences between you and them, the same way, do not be offensive. Don't go out of your way to make someone uncomfortable, sad, angry etc. Similar with the memes, we love memes but please don't post anything extreme. 

  2. No abuse/misuse of the threads. Don't spam posts/threads or something that has no porpose and wastes everyone's time, don't forget to read the descriptions. 

  3. Do not spam in any way. Similar as above, also don't post nonsense that gets identified as a troll or spam like a post or thread only including: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA". 

  4. No advertisements in any way. No "Can you help me on my server" either. If you want to present an offer of partnership or something of the sort, please contact us directly via our Discord or via e-mail(admin@wlo.gg). 

  5. No NSFW content. We do not need your nudes nor random nsfw media like videos, pictures, etc. This includes your threads, profile and username and etc. Don't forget almost everything here is public.

  6. No impersonation of members and no offensive usernames. Oh look, it's the Owner! Or is it? 

  7. Do not leak personal information. "This person lives in this detailed adress." | "Here is our PMs for everyone to see."

  8. Do not threaten anyone. "I'll get your adress and dox you to everyone"/"get me VIP or I will..." Etc. 

  9. Don't be disrespectful please. We're all trying to be nice, tolerant and respectful, so let's work together. 

    If rules are broken you will be punished. The staff has the final say in that situation. If you think a staff member is abusing their power, create a report or privately message a high staff member.

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