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 Send your ban appeal in this board 📝 "create thread", you should do it in the following format: 

Steam name+your profile steamid.xyz link/Discord name & Tag: 
Which server: 
Ban length: 
Ban reason: 
Staff member who banned you: 
Date of ban: 
Reason for ban appeal (In as much detail as possible): 

Ban length can be shortened, removed or extended depending on your behaviour, ban appeal and the reason for the ban.
 A Discord call could be requested to find a solution to the ban appeal if needed.



 - Rules on Ban Appeals: -


  • Don't spam Ban Appeals.
  • Don't send multiple appeals about the same ban, unless told so by staff.
  • Don't send false/troll appeals. You could be banned from the forums!
  • A formal approach is appreciated, especially if you want your case to be dealt with ASAP and if you want to be taken seriously.
  • Please tell the truth, lying will worsen your situation. Your ban could be extended!
  • Try to fill all requested fields.
  • Try to provide as much info as possible.
  • Try to follow the format as much as possible.

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