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 You can send your report in this board, please follow the following format: 



- What is the topic?
- Which server?

- When did it happen? 
- What is the Issue exactly?
- Any media (screenshots, clips, logs, etc.) to show/describe the problem?
- Steamid.io link when reporting a player. You can get the player's steam id in the in-game chat when they join or leave the game, or by holding tab and opening their steam profile from the scoreboard if the gamemode allows it. (i.e what a steam id looks like: STEAM_0:0:49243633)


 A Discord call could be requested to find a solution to the problem or get a better understanding of the issue.


 - Rules on Reports: - 


  • Don't spam reports.
  • Don't send multiple reports about the same problem, unless told so by staff.
  • Don't send false/troll reports. You could be banned from the forums!
  • A formal approach is appreciated, especially if you want the issue to be dealt with ASAP and if you want to be taked seriously.
  • Please make sure it is a reproduceable problem with the steps described in detail (if a "Bug"-Report)!
  • Try to fill all requested fields.
  • Try to provide as much info as possible.

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