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Welcome to WLO - Trouble in Terrorist Town [TTT]

  • Donor CSGO Knife & Traitor Knife Warning [PLEASE READ]

You might see players walk around with knives, those are just their "crowbars", donors have this csgo knife that acts like a crowbar, it doesn't mean they are the traitor!
On the other hand if you see a red glow then they pulled out a traitor knife and it can one shot you! If their knife has a red aura glow then they might be a traitor!


  1. Speak English only please!
  2. Respect all members especially staff.
  3. Listen to staff and do as they say.
  4. No advertising.
  5. No mic spamming. (Playing music on the mic, screaming, etc.)
  6. No RDM - (Don't randomly kill people if you're a Detective or an Innocent.)
  7. No traitorbaiting - (Don't act like a traitor when you're not.)
  8. No trolling.
  9. No teaming.(Not to be confused with grouping, you can group up and try to find the traitor together/find clues together, but don't glue yourself to one or multiple players and don't camp in a spot or borderline cross team, etc. etc. )
  10. No cross teaming. - (If you're the traitor don't team up with the detective or an innocent or vice versa, if you're the detective or an innocent and know someone is the traitor don't purposely team up with them, that defeats the point of the game.)
  11. No ghosting. - (If you're dead, out of the game or spectating do NOT tell others information on who's the traitor or who is where, etc.)
  12. No delaying the rounds. - (Don't shy away from killing the last one standing.)
  13. No excessive camping. - (Don't spend the whole round waiting in a room, etc.)
  14. No prop/door/body blocking or prop surfing.
  15. No hacking, ddosing, cheating, scripting, exploiting, etc.
  16. Don't use the "Spell Innocent backwards" tactic, play the game like it is supposed to be played and don't use cheap tricks like this one.
  17. Don't abuse !3p / !thirdperson in any way.
  18. If your trail is revealing peoples locations remove it when spectating.
  19. No prop killing.
  20. As a ghosted prop don't interfere with the round.(Example: Don't control an explosive barrel and launch yourself at players.)
  21. No NSFW, gore(blood and etc.), disturbing or offensive content. This includes sprays and if we allow you to send a link in chat.


  • Warning thresholds

3 Warns = 1 Day ban
5 Warns = 4 Day ban
7 Warns = 7 Day ban
9 Warns = 2 Weeks ban
11 Warns = 2 Months ban
13 Warns = Permanent ban
(Warnings stay after a ban)


  • Extra Info

  • Use !rules to get back to this screen.
  • If you don't know how to play this gamemode (Trouble in Terrorist Town or TTT) Press F1 for a tutorial.
  • If you get stuck on a prop, a player, or spawned inside a wall use !stuck or !unstuck or /stuck or /unstuck to get it fix.
  • Use !prinfo to check if you are currently on a Power Round or not.
  • Use !prmenu to vote for a Power Round.
  • To vote for the next map use !rtv
  • If you want to go to spectator only press F1 and press on the settings tab, then go all the way down to "gameplay settings" and tick the box that says "spectate only mode" then to undo it, do the same but uncheck the box.
  • If you're missing textures on the map (example: Transparent floor or walls, pink and black textures, etc.) follow these instructions or watch the video tutorial
  • If you want to find our Steam Group, Discord and other quick links scroll all the way up on the website and maybe check the Menu aswell

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