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What is up! You can call me Yami, or you can sometimes use one of my many goofy names nicknames: (Devil Yami/YAMIKAISER/Yamyams/Devil/Devil man/Deagle man/Lord)



  How old are you?:
I'm currently 22 (My birthdate is on the 21st of October)


  Tell us something random that you do on the server(s):
I'm the owner of the server and with that comes a lot of responsibilities.


  Where are you from?(Region/Country):
Europe/Portugal, many call it Cristiano Ronaldo or SPAIN.
It's the weird looking face to the left of spain when looking at the world map.

Besides that I was originally born in a small country in the middle of France, Belgium and Germany called Luxembourg.

I'm not a very patriarchy person though, I kinda don't care  I do love to explore other cultures and countries though.


I love working on the WLO servers, it's one of my passions, getting feedback and seeing people enjoy my work gives me a lot of motivation and pushes me to reach new heights on WLO and it's development and also of myself as a person.

One of my favourite Gmod gamemodes is TTT. I often listen to music. I like some ASMR, it helps me relax.

🐲 Devil Yami 🐲

Owner and Founder

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