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Welcome to WLO - Murder

  • How to play Murder

If you're the murderer, the guy with the knife, you have to kill everyone.
If you're a Bystander get a gun by either picking it up from the guy who had it or by picking up clues and shoot the guy with the knife.

  • PowerRounds

Every 5 rounds you'll be able to play a random special round where it can get crazy, this brings diversity to the game and it makes it so the server doesn't get as boring.

  • Spawn Protection

In the beggining of each round you'll be spawn protected for 5 seconds. That way players don't get spawn killed as often.

  • Mouse1 feature

You can press Mouse1/Left Click to instantly get out your knife or gun.



  1. Speak English only please!
  2. Respect all members especially staff.
  3. Listen to staff and do as they say.
  4. No advertising.
  5. No Murder baiting (If you're not the murderer don't act like you, people could shoot you and you're not playing your role correctly.)
  6. No mic spamming. (Playing music on the mic, screaming, etc.)
  7. No RDM - (Don't randomly kill people, only if you see they're the murderer or if there's enough proof.)
  8. No trolling.
  9. No cross teaming. - (Don't help the murderer and vice versa.)
  10. No ghosting. - (If you're dead, out of the game or spectating do NOT tell others information on who's the murderer or who is where, etc.)
  11. No delaying the rounds. - (If you are the murderer do kill people as that is your role.)
  12. No prop/door/body blocking or prop surfing.
  13. No hacking, ddosing, cheating, scripting, exploiting, etc.
  14. Don't use the "Spell Bystander backwards" tactic, play the game like it is supposed to be played and don't use cheap tricks like this one.
  15. Don't abuse !3p / !thirdperson in any way.
  16. If your trail is revealing peoples locations remove it when spectating.
  17. As a murderer don't switch your player model when you are being hunted by the bystanders.
  18. As a murderer don't push the gun outside the map or in a spot no one can reach.
  19. As a murderer don't camp the gun for too long.
  20. No prop killing.
  21. No NSFW, gore(blood and etc.), disturbing or offensive content. This includes sprays and if we allow you to send a link in chat.
  22. Don't use any perks/commands(Abusing materials, color to camouflage yourself, etc.) to give you an advantage against other players.


  • Warning thresholds

3 Warns = 1 Day ban
5 Warns = 4 Day ban
7 Warns = 7 Day ban
9 Warns = 2 Weeks ban
11 Warns = 2 Months ban
13 Warns = Permanent ban
(Warnings stay after a ban)


  • Extra Info

  • Use !rules to get back to this screen.
  • If you get stuck on a prop, a player, or spawned inside a wall use !stuck or !unstuck or /stuck or /unstuck to get it fix.
  • Use !prinfo to check if you are currently on a Power Round or not and to know what the round is about.
  • Use !prmenu to vote for a Power Round.
  • If you want to go to spectators hold tab and press the grey "Join" button on the right, then to join back press the blue "Join" button on the left.
  • To vote for the next map use !rtv
  • If you're missing textures on the map (example: Transparent floor or walls, pink and black textures, etc.) follow these instructions or watch the video tutorial
  • If you want to find our Steam Group, Discord and other quick links scroll all the way up on the website and maybe check the Menu aswell

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