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Edited: 2 months ago / Jun 30, 2021


Steam name+your profile steamid.xyz link/Discord name & Tag: stem tayson/dic tayson#3804

Which server: Everything

Ban length: Permanent 

Ban reason: Constantly insulting members of WLO, constantly disobeying staff.

Staff member who banned you: yami or frost

Date of ban: 07-11-2020

Reason for ban appeal (In as much detail as possible): I have shouted at people I have made them small and much more different which I regret very much.

I have received several warnings and I have not listened to the people who are higher than me and the normal people anyway I went too far

I hope I can get one last chance to show that I really like you all and that I've just been really, really stupid

I've had a tough time and that's why I may have been such a dik  A lot has happened in the last few months but I hope I can get one last chance so I can let see that I was very, very stupid and that I want to fix it.. tayson 

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