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Posted: 7 months ago / Feb 19, 2021



Greetings, my name username is Frostbrett but yall can call me frost :)

  How old are you?:

i am currently 17! and my birthday is on June 13th, born in 2003 if you wish to know!

  Tell us something random that you do on the server(s):

d o n a t i n g/ existing in the space of violence


  Where are you from?(Region/Country):

i am from the good old land of Tea also known as The UK! im more specifically located in england and am south of london somewhere qwq

Aside from playing on WLO servers I enjoy reading throughout the day to occupy my brain and playing some league of legends/ strategy games when i am not at work :p i do also enjoy good old pizza every now and then


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