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Hello there. Anikin here, a goofy Welsh boi who loves starwars, call me what you like but these are the most common/associated (Ani, Skyguy, Kid killer 9000)

  How many years young?
19 at this point but feel like 50, birthday is December 28th so its not pog

  Some stuff I do regarding the server:
Currently an admin and I run background stuff, helping clean up perms and sorting issues in YAGPD and the likes.

Tatooine in the Outer Rim Territories AKA Wales
Take your pick, I was either born in a desert planet or a grassy field surrounded by sheep. Either way sounds pretty funny

 What do I enjoy doing?
Enjoy playing games on various consoles, removing children (obviously), chilling listening to music, spending time with my horse (a ginger baby who likes to lick my face after eating). Theres some other stuff but its boring no one wants that lmao. 

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